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Where Can I Get My Football Helmet Painted? Expert-Recommended Services

Where Can I Get My Football Helmet Painted

Are you wondering, “Where can I get my football helmet painted?” You can get your football helmet painted at Continental Athletic Supply or Z-FB Helmet Painting Service.

However, many athletes look to add a personal touch to their gear, and a custom paint job on your football helmet can set you apart on the field. Whether you aim for a sleek, professional look or want to showcase your team spirit with vibrant colors, finding the right place to paint your helmet is crucial.

Let’s check out some options to get this service done safely and with high quality.

Overview Of Football Helmet Painting Services

Football Helmet Painting Services

Several options are available if you want to get your football helmet painted. Whether you have a new helmet that you want to customize or an old helmet that needs a fresh look, professional helmet painting services can help you achieve the desired result.

In this section, we will explore the different options for getting your football helmet painted, the benefits of professional helmet painting services, and why you should avoid painting your helmet.

Exploring Options For Getting Your Football Helmet Painted

When it comes to painting your football helmet, there are a few avenues you can explore. One option is to utilize paint-only services offered by companies like Continental Athletic Supply or Z-FB Helmet Painting Service.

With these services, you can send your helmet and paint it according to your team’s colors or any design you prefer.

Another option is to contact local painting companies, such as Lamorinda Painting or J.P. Aspatore Painting & Drywall, which offer football helmet painting services.

Auto body shops may also provide helmet painting services for more intricate designs.

Benefits Of Professional Helmet Painting Services

Opting for professional helmet painting services comes with several benefits. First and foremost, professionals have the expertise and experience in handling football helmets, ensuring a high-quality and durable paint job.

They use specially formulated football helmet paint that is designed to adhere to the helmet’s surface and withstand the rigors of the game. Professionals also have access to a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing them to achieve the desired look.

Moreover, they can provide custom designs, logos, and graphics to personalize your helmet. Professional helmet painting services offer superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in a stunning and long-lasting paint job.

Why You Should Avoid Painting Your Helmet

While it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands and paint your football helmet yourself, it is highly recommended that you avoid doing so.

Painting your helmet can lead to several issues and risks. For starters, using non-approved paint or substances can cause shell degradation and compromise the helmet’s safety.

However, it can also void the manufacturer’s warranty and result in cracking or damage to the shell or liner components that may not be immediately visible.

Additionally, achieving a professional-looking finish requires specialized knowledge and equipment that may not be readily available to the average person.

To ensure the best results and maintain the integrity of your helmet, it is best to leave the painting process to the experts.

Where Can I Get My Football Helmet Painted? (Best Professional Helmet Painting Services)

Best Professional Helmet Painting Services

When it comes to getting your football helmet painted, it’s essential to trust the job to the experts. Professional helmet painting services provide the expertise and quality to ensure your helmet looks its best on the field.

Here, I explore three top options for professional helmet painting services. Let’s take a closer look at each of these service providers:

Continental Athletic Supply

Continental Athletic Supply is a trusted name for football helmet painting. They offer paint services specifically tailored for new football helmets, ensuring a flawless finish and vibrant team colors.

We strongly recommend choosing their expertise over attempting to paint your helmet yourself. Painting your helmet by anyone other than a licensed professional can void the manufacturer’s warranty and may cause shell degradation or cracking of the shell and liner components.

With Continental Athletic Supply, you can know that your helmet will be painted to perfection.

Customer Send In Football Helmet Restoration And Refinishing Service

If you have an old football helmet that needs a new lease on life, the Customer Send In Football Helmet Restoration and Refinishing Service is the perfect option.

However, this service specializes in restoring and refinishing the exterior of football helmets, bringing them back to their former glory.

Whether removing scratches, repainting faded colors, or adding a new design, they have the expertise to give your helmet a fresh and polished look.

Additionally, they offer other services to enhance your helmet’s appearance upon request.

Z-fb Helmet Painting Service

Z-FB Helmet Painting Service is ideal for those needing a new paint job for their football helmet. However, this professional service ensures your helmet receives a professional-grade paint job using high-quality football helmet paint.

By choosing Z-FB Helmet Painting Service, you can be confident that your helmet will look brand new and stand out on the field. Their focus on paint-only services means they excel in providing top-notch painting expertise without the need for additional restorations or refinishing.

However, there are a few options available for getting your football helmet painted:

  • Local Sports Stores: Some local sports equipment stores may offer helmet painting services. You can inquire at these stores to check if this service is available.
  • Customization Shops: Specialized customization shops offer helmet painting services. These shops have experienced artists who can create unique designs on your helmet.
  • Online Services: Several online platforms and websites provide helmet painting services. You can search for reputable online vendors who offer helmet painting and customization options.
  • Professional Sports Equipment Suppliers: Certain suppliers that cater to professional sports teams may also offer helmet painting services. Reach out to these suppliers to explore if they provide painting services for individual customers.

In Summary, regarding professional football helmet painting services, Continental Athletic Supply, Customer Send In Football Helmet Restoration and Refinishing Service, and Z-FB Helmet Painting Service are among the best choices.

Their expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to quality ensure that your football helmet will receive the paint job it deserves, whether it’s a new helmet or one needing restoration. Trust the professionals with your helmet and enjoy a fresh and vibrant look on the field.

Considerations Before Getting Your Helmet Painted

helmet painted

Getting a helmet painted is a fantastic way to personalize your gear and make a statement, whether you’re a motorcycle rider, a cyclist, or an athlete requiring a helmet for your sport.

Here are some considerations you should keep in mind before getting your helmet painted:

  1. Safety and Compliance: Make sure that painting your helmet does not affect its safety ratings or compliance with regulations. Some paints and chemicals can weaken the helmet’s structure.
  2. Material of the Helmet: Different helmet materials (polycarbonate, fiberglass, Kevlar, etc.) may require different types of paint or preparation.
  3. Paint Quality: Use high-quality paints to adhere to the helmet’s material and withstand environmental factors like UV rays and rain.
  4. Design Complexity: The complexity of your design will affect the time and cost. Simple designs are generally less expensive and faster to complete than more complex ones.
  5. Professional vs. DIY: Consider whether you want to hire a professional or do it yourself. Professionals will likely have more experience and access to better materials.
  6. Ventilation and Weight: Ensure the paint job does not clog any ventilation holes or significantly increase the helmet’s weight.
  7. Cost: Determine your budget, as custom paint jobs can be expensive, depending on the detail and quality of work.
  8. Time: Custom paint jobs can take time, so make sure you plan accordingly and don’t need the helmet immediately.
  9. Resale Value: Painting your helmet might affect its resale value, especially if it’s a high-end brand.
  10. Warranty: Check if painting your helmet will void its warranty.
  11. Clear Coat: A final clear coat is often applied to protect the paint job and add a polished look. Make sure it’s compatible with the underlying paint.
  12. Maintenance: Ask about the best ways to maintain the paint job; some may require special cleaning agents or techniques.
  13. Testing: If possible, after the helmet is painted, it should be tested to ensure the added layers of paint have not affected its fit or function.

Considering these factors, you can ensure your helmet looks good and retains its protective qualities.

Recommended Locations For Helmet Painting

When it comes to getting your football helmet painted, finding a reliable and skilled professional who can deliver the desired results is essential.

Whether you want to spruce up your brand-new helmet or restore an old Revo Speed helmet, various options are available.

Local Options In Los Angeles

If you’re in Los Angeles and looking for local options to get your football helmet painted, there are a few places worth considering. One highly recommended option is Continental Athletic Supply, which offers a paint-only service for new helmets.

They specialize in painting helmets with your team colors, ensuring a professional finish you might not achieve if you paint it yourself. However, it’s important to note that painting your helmet can void the manufacturer’s warranty, so leaving it to professionals is always a safer bet.

Suggestions From Reddit Users In The Asklosangeles Community

The AskLosAngeles community on Reddit can be a valuable resource for finding recommendations for helmet painting services.

One user recommended Customer Send In Football Helmet Restoration and Refinishing Service. They offer restoration and refinishing services for football helmet exteriors, with a portfolio of past client jobs to showcase their work. You can easily reach out to them via email for more information.

Where To Go For Painting An Old Revo Speed Helmet

If you have an old Revo Speed helmet that needs a fresh coat of paint, it’s crucial to find a professional with experience working with that specific helmet model. For this, Z-FB Helmet Painting Service is highly recommended.

They specialize in providing exceptional helmet painting services and can ensure that your old Revo Speed helmet looks as good as new. Send them your helmet, and they will take care of the rest.

Helmet Painting Services In Oklahoma City

If you’re in Oklahoma City and need helmet painting services, a few options are available. One of the well-reviewed options is The End Zone Helmet Painting.

They have been providing football helmet painting services in the area and have garnered positive reviews from satisfied customers. Checking out their services and reviews can help you make an informed decision.

Reviews And Recommendations In The Area

Looking for reviews and recommendations to find the best football helmet painting service near you? Consider checking out popular review platforms like Yellow Pages. They provide listings of helmet painting services in different areas, including reviews from previous customers. This can help you understand the quality and reliability of the services offered.

Top-rated Companies For Football Helmet Painting

When it comes to getting your football helmet painted, you want to choose a top-rated company that guarantees professional and high-quality results.

Some of the best companies for football helmet painting include Lamorinda Painting, J.P. Aspatore Painting & Drywall, and Woodiwiss Painting.

These companies have received positive reviews and are known for their expertise in helmet painting. Checking out their services can help you find the perfect fit for your helmet painting needs.

How To Safely Upgrade Your Helmet With A New Paint Job

football helmet

When it comes to giving your football helmet a fresh new paint job, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines to ensure the integrity of your helmet remains intact.

Here are some steps to safely upgrade your helmet:

  1. Remove all accessories and padding from the helmet before painting.
  2. Thoroughly clean the helmet with mild soap and water to remove dirt or debris.
  3. Use fine-grit sandpaper to roughen the helmet’s surface, which will help the paint adhere better.
  4. Apply a primer specifically designed for use on football helmets. This will provide a smooth surface for the paint and help prevent any damage to the helmet.
  5. Choose a high-quality football helmet paint that is specifically formulated for the type of helmet you have.
  6. Apply multiple thin coats of paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before applying the next.
  7. Once the final coat is dry, apply a clear coat to give the helmet a glossy finish and added protection.
  8. Allow the helmet to dry completely before reattaching any accessories or padding.

Recommendations For Wild And Custom Paint Jobs

If you want to make a bold statement with your helmet, consider opting for a wild or custom paint job. Here are some recommendations for achieving a unique look:

  • Auto body shops: These establishments have the expertise and tools to create intricate designs and finishes on your helmet.
  • Helmet painting services: Specialized services are available that focus solely on painting football helmets, offering a wide range of custom options.
  • Professional artists: You can hire a professional artist specializing in helmet painting to bring your vision to life.

Places To Consider For Helmet Painting, Such As Auto Body Shops

If you’re wondering where you can get your football helmet painted, here are some places to consider:

  • Continental Athletic Supply: They offer a paint-only service for new helmets, ensuring your helmet is painted with precision in your team colors.
  • Z-FB Helmet Painting Service: This service focuses specifically on painting football helmets and can provide you with the new paint job you desire.
  • The End Zone Helmet Painting: A reputable service that offers football helmet painting and customization.
  • Local auto body shops: Some auto body shops have the expertise and tools to paint your helmet, allowing you to achieve a professional finish.

Remember, when it comes to painting your football helmet, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Follow the recommended guidelines and choose a reputable service provider to ensure your helmet remains in top condition while getting a fresh new look.

Are There Any Specific Care Instructions For A Painted Football Helmet?

Painted Football Helmet

After getting your football helmet painted, it is essential to follow these general care instructions:

  • Avoid impact or dropping the helmet to prevent chipping or cracking of the paint.
  • Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the helmet with a mild soap and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that can damage the paint.
  • Store the helmet in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture or extreme temperature variations, which can affect the paint’s integrity.
  • Regularly inspect the paint for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any issues, consult a professional for touch-ups or repaints.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Where Can I Get My Football Helmet Painted

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Football Helmet Repainted?

The cost of painting a football helmet may vary depending on multiple factors, such as the complexity of the design, the quality of paint used, and the provider you choose. It is best to inquire directly with the service provider for a specific quote.

Who Can Repaint A Football Helmet?

To have your football helmet repainted, it is recommended to use professional services. Continental Athletic Supply and Z-FB Helmet Painting Service offer paint-only services for new helmets. The Customer Send In Football Helmet Restoration and Refinishing Service provides restoration and refinishing for the exterior of football helmets.
However, it is essential to avoid painting your helmet to avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. Prices for repainting can vary, so it is best to reach out to the specific service provider for more information.

How Long Does It Take To Paint A Football Helmet?

The time required to paint a football helmet may vary based on the design intricacy and the service provider’s workload. Generally, it can take a few days to a couple of weeks to complete the painting process. Discuss the timeline with the service provider for a more accurate estimation.

Can I Remove An Existing Paint Job From My Football Helmet Before Getting It Repainted?

Yes, it is possible to remove the existing paint from a football helmet before getting it repainted. However, the method used for paint removal may vary depending on the type of helmet and paint. It’s recommended to consult a professional or the helmet manufacturer for guidance to ensure proper removal and avoid any damage to the helmet.

How Do I Send My Helmet Back To Riddell For A Repainting?

To return your helmet to Riddell for repainting, follow these steps:
1. Visit the Riddell website for instructions on helmet recertification.
2. Download the Helmet Recertification Instructions document.
3. Follow the instructions carefully to prepare your helmet for shipping.
4. Package your helmet securely and include the necessary paperwork.
5. Ship your helmet to the address provided in the instructions.
Remember, painting your helmet by someone other than a licensed reconditioner can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Sum Up

When it comes to getting your football helmet painted, several options are available. You can send your helmet to a specialized painting service offering restoration and refinishing options. Alternatively, you can consider places like auto body shops for a more unique paint job.

However, it is essential to note that painting your helmet or using store-bought paint may void the manufacturer’s warranty and lead to shell degradation. In addition, it is always best to consult with professionals licensed by organizations like NOCAE to ensure the safety and durability of your helmet.

In addition, if you are looking for other options, you can ask for recommendations on platforms like Reddit or search for local helmet painting services in your area.

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